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Cat Trees, Cat Furniture, Cat Condos, Cat Scratch Poles and Cat Gyms!! Look at all we offer:

Sisal scratch posts.

Carpeted cat trees in many sizes and colors.

Wide wobble-free base.

Sizes for everyone! Our cat furniture is the most sought after by felines of taste and distinction. Many cat trees offer different heights, tops, tray sizes and sisal options. Designed for cats of all abilities and ages.

Hundreds cat trees, condos. scratch poles, kitty gyms and playgrounds to choose from in a wide range of colors. With a great selection of cat-beds, carriers, toys, and more we have something for everybody. Have fun and let the cat control the mouse.

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Helpful Tips on Selecting Cat Furniture

Picking a Color
No matter what color you choose, your cat won't care. Pick a color that won't show off the shredding fur. Blue, green and grey work well with the darker color felines. Beige, creams and natural tones of course go with the lighter color tabbies.

Deciding on a Top
If you are deciding between which top to put on your tree, try to match it to the cats habits. If it is a multiple cat household and they share! The double cube and sky house will give two large cats plenty of space. If they don't share, the "Dual Housing" offered in the specialty trees would provide two separate spots to hide in. If your cat likes to perch and "survey the kingdom" the open trays and open platforms are purrrfect for them.

Considering Sisal?
With many of our styles you can provide two distinctly different surfaces for your cat to claw and sharpen on. The sisal will outlast the carpeting and is easier to replace.

Offering Alternatives
This is a suggestion from many of our early customers -- If you decide to get one of our larger pieces you should also consider getting a scratch post or angle scratcher. Having more then one piece to sharpen on will increase the life of the more prominent piece.

A Place of Their Own
Remember cats are as territorial as any of us and they need a place of their own. We have built Seventh Heaven furniture to withstand the following cat-a-strophic, cat-a-clysmic cat-antics of jumping on, leaping off of, hiding in, perching, lounging, napping, and sunning on.

Pamper your cat with the worlds finest!

7th Heaven Cat Furniture offers cat furniture , cat supplies , cat houses , cat toys , cat trees , cat gifts , cat condos & cat scratching posts ! Check out 7th Heaven Cat Furntiture for all your cat supply needs